Beyond syllabus

STUDENT LIFE CENTRE aims at the all round development of students by organizing several extracurricular activities throughout the year by the various clubs and societies at the college campus. Through SLC, there is a steady growth in students' participation at various levels, where they demonstrate their skills and talents in the fields of sports, dance, music, photography, social service etc.

Vision: Assisting the students' innovativeness & activities related to various technological and non-technological oriented projects to enhance their hidden talent and creativity.

Action Plan: Besides the constitution of various clubs and societies, formation of one innovation incubator currently at JISCE. In this incubator the students will be encouraged to develop their own simplified project to explore their innovative mind through various models, events and publications of papers. This action plan will be replicated at all other colleges under JIS Group Educational Initiatives.

    The Clubs and Societies are as follows:
  • Science Club
  • Engineering Modelling Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • Computer Society
  • Art & Literary Society
  • Photography Club
  • Music Club
  • Department of Sports
  • National Service Scheme
  • Environmental Education Society
  • Community Connect

The students work together in SLC to identify and address the concerns that affect the community directly and indirectly. It represents the interests of the students who are motivated by their sense of social responsibility with the aim of giving back to society. SLC also coordinates events organized periodically by the enthusiastic and energetic members of various clubs.