Infrastructure (Laboratories & Equipments)


Name of The laboratory

Name of experiments

Main component of equipment


Workshop Practice




Electrical Circuit and Network

  • To verify Kirchoff’s Current Law and Kirchoff’s Voltage Law.
  • To measure inductance of a choke using an external resistance

in series with choke and by drawing relevant phasor diagram. Verify the result with LCR meter and calculate Q factor

  • To measure the current , voltage across each element

of R-L-C series circuit and draw the phasor diagram to calculate power factor.

Kirchoff’s Current Law kit
Kirchoff’s Voltage Law kit
R-L-C series circuit kit


Electrical Machine Laboratory

  • To plot the O.C.C. of a D.C. generator & find the critical resistance.
  • To control the speed of D.C. shunt motor above & below normal speed & draw the speed characteristics.


D.C. shunt motor


Electrical power Electronic Laboratory

  • Identification & Checking methods of the following basic components – Resistor, Potentiometer, Capacitor (polarised, Non-polarised), Choke coil, Diode, Zener diode, Transistor (NPN & PNP), Thyristor, Diac, Triac, UJT, IGBT, MOSFET, JFET, OPAMP(IC741), IC78XX, IC79XX.
  • To plot the forward & reverse characteristics of P-N junction diode.

Resistor, Potentiometer, Capacitor (polarised, Non-polarised), Choke coil, Diode, Zener diode, Transistor


Electrical Measuring Instrument Laboratory

  • To measure active and reactive power in three phase balanced load by two wattmeter method and observe the effect of Power Factor variation on Wattmeter reading.
  • To measure an inductance by Maxwell’s bridge


Three phase balanced load by two wattmeter method.


Maxwell’s bridge Kit


Electrical Measurement and control Laboratory

  • To measure linear displacement by LVDT & plot characteristics.
  • To measure displacement by Strain gauge & plot characteristics.
  • To study the following signal conditioning circuits and observe and plot the output

(i) V to I Converter, (ii) I to V Converter, (iii) V to F Converter using Op-AMP 741

V to I Converter, I to V Converter, Strain gauge kit


Transmission Distribution of Power Laboratory

  • To demonstrate the improvement of P.f. using static condenser.
  • To study different kinds of insulators
  • To study PILC, PVC, FRLS and XLPE cables.


Different kinds of insulators, PILC, PVC, FRLS and XLPE cables


Switchgear and Protection Laboratory

  • To Plot the inverse characteristics of Induction type/ microprocessor Based – (i) O/C relay, (ii) E/F relay using Relay Testing Kit.
  • To test percentage Differential Protection of Transformer Using Transformer Differential Relay (Electromagnetic/Microprocessor based).


Percentage Differential Protection of Transformer


Utilization Traction Heating and Drives Laboratory

  • To determine Illumination of a surface for a Drawing Room by means of lux meter
  • To determine candle power of a lamp in comparison to standard C.P. of lamp by optical bench method.
  • To study of torques/Armature current, Speed/Armature current & Torque/Speed characteristics for D.C. series motor using mechanical loading. (Either braking arrangement or using D.C. Gen).


Lux meter, D.C. Series motor


Energy Conservation and Audit Laboratory

  • To save energy by using electronic ballast as compared to conventional choke.
  • To list energy saving equipments for domestic and commercial applications


Electronic ballast,Tube light


Electrical Design Estimation and Costing Laboratory

  • Draw Sectional Drawing of different types of cables, overhead conductors (using CAD)
  • Draw Single line diagram and layout plan of 11KV indoor Substation (using CAD)
  • Draw Sectional Drawing of different types of insulators (using CAD)


Auto cad


Electrical Workshop

  • Dismantling, assembling, testing, preparation of list of components, parts for: (any four)

i) D.C. compound motor
ii) 3 phase Induction motor.
iii) Geyser.
iv) UPS / Inverters / battery chargers
v) Microwave Ovens
vi) Semi-automatic& fully automatic washing machine

  • To prepare trouble-shooting chart & carry out maintenance of a single and three phase transformers.

D.C. compound motor, 3 phase Induction motor. Geyser.