Board of Governors

S.No Name of Member of BoG  Qualifications and position in the current engagements Position in the BOG Nominated by


1 Prof. (Dr.) Asit Guha   Chairman Trustees
Members of the Trust/Society/Management
2 Mr. Taranjit Singh Trustee Member Trustees
3 Mr. Haranjit Singh Trustee Member Trustees
4 Mr. Amrik Singh Trustee Member Trustees
5 Mrs. Sila Singh Ghosh   Member Trustees
6 Mr. U.S. Mukherjee   Member Trustees

Faculty members of the Institution

7 Mr. N R Das   Teacher Representative  
8 Mr. A Sai   Teacher Representative  

Educationists or Industrialists

9   Industry Representative Member Industry

One nominee of the State Govt.

10 Mr. Uday Kumar Saha   State Government Representative DTET / WBSCTE

Head of the Institution

11 Mr. J Mukhopadhyay Principal Member - Secretary Trust